Steampunk figbarf: Arctic Explorers!

The new Movie Minifigure series is out, as well as the new 2014 January releases. I bought a handful of figs alongside with the escape glider set, and here you can see the consequence - a barf of Steampunk figs! And this won't be the last one. This time the Victorian adventure takes place around the cold waters and glaciers of the North Pole, so don't forget to dress up properly!

Bratislav Tupsaar is a huntsman and tracker from the Far-Siberia. He's been hired by businessman Bob Rikoff to stop the British explorers from discovering the underwater coal beds on the bottom of Arctic Ocean. Tupsaar knows how to live in extremely chilly environment, so he's just the right choice to the job! But poor Bratislav don't know that his master wouldn't allow Mother Russia to have the energy resources neither...
 The British Empire needs the coal to run its numerous steam engines, but Half-British and half-Russian businessman Bob Rikoff is planning to set up a business and a monopoly of the northern coal resources! Bob gained his status among the lords of economy with his diamond mines, but his senses say that the industrial development is a lot faster way to the real fortune and glory.
 Elena Rikoff is Bob Rikoff's daughter, but not so fond of his father's plans. She has studied economical science in the Bufferburg University for Talented Women and is now part of the expedition of the northern sea regions. Yet no one knows which side she will choose - The British Empire's, Mother Russia's or his Father's?
 Mr. John-David Matson is a geographer and an adventurer, one of the trustees of his country. He's eager to discover the new northern lands and new, undiscovered tribes and peoples. Matson doesn't care much about the coal resources and don't see why the "bad guys" want to disturb their work for the science and knowledge.
Miss Monica Rutherd is an athletic and fit scientist from The Great Britain. She uses the expedition to north as an excuse to have good time with her rocket skis and stylish winter sport outfits. But she's a smart woman, and secures Matson's back when he's too busy with outcrops, lichen or samojedis.


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