Old MOC mod: Keetongu

 This is my self-MOC, Keetongu or Tongu in Klaanon, one of the last Saffron Giants and the leading engineer in Bio-Klaani's steam-powered Air Fleet. The same name to canon's Keetongu is a pure coincidence. They are members of the same near-extinct Rahi species, but have likely never met each other. This Tongu is a peaceful guy, enjoying building stuff with Matoran friends and flying airships, but he's got enough muscle to defend his friends in battle if needed.

The previous version, if that is the correct term - the last two ones were the same MOC with some fixes and added mass - has been my most popular Klaanon MOC on Flickr. This version fixes the most problems noted there, but I didn't add musctache and top hat; there are those on Klaanon though, not on Tongu but hats are definitely a thing and Matoran living in the northern part of the island of Bio-Klaani often have facial hair... or maskial hair, kanohian hair, you know the stuff. Tongu has no head, or at least it is pretty much between his shoulders, so a hat wouldn't stay on very well.

Modding Tongu started when I got a Chima set as a prize on a building contest, more of than on the previous post. The set had some great keetorange/bright light orange/something flamish yellow SYSTEM parts and they seemed good for adding some beef on this guy. These parts included some of by favourites, cheese slopes and curved slopes, and they worked well with some smooth HF/Bionicle pieces used in this MOC - the HF shells on shoulders and the Bohrok headplates. The lower legs were the first parts to get a twist. I had added the Roborider block long ago, and now I made the feet more stompy and added tiles on Metru feet; now the lower legs felt like a small fortresses on their own!

The other mods are about beefing up too. There's some curved sloping in the arms, and the hands are completely reworked; they don't look that much different but the design is a lot sturdier.I wanted to make the knee joints a lot better, and add a mecha-style dished on their sides. That was a lot harder that expected, but I finally managed to do that with some clips and 2x2 dishes. They rattle a bit, but don't limit movement much.

The torso has some more armors, and the stomach piece doesn't fall apart any more. The sides have also some more meat (kidneys?). There's some other small tweaks but I can't remember all of them. Give mercy!



Unknown said...

Is there a way to have an instruction or something? i would love to buy ur moc and have it at my place :(( I really love your work

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