MOC: Oracle

 Here's another Klaanon MOC, from same photoshoot than the two Toas I posted few days ago. This guy is called Oracle, and he is a very old man of belief. Oracle is one of the Athists, Matoran group with religion vastly different from original Mata Nui worshipping. Oracle has something to do with powerful artefact Nimda, he has some (rare) knowledge on Avde and has mysterious connections with several characters. He is master in telepathy and mind-reading, but also uses small Eight-Ball explosives when needed.

This MOC was a little challenge build-wise. It took less than an hour, but included some special tricks. The descriptions tell that Oracle has a pale blue Pakari (blue Pakari seems to be motif here, as Takua wore it on MNOG and The Crimson Man has one) with red runic patterns. As I am a purist, I didn't want to draw anything on the mask (Even though I have 3 of those) but a rubber band did the job just finely. The red patterns continue to the body, 1x2 grill tile being the key part here.

I wanted to use new small ball joints in the limbs; I had bough a lot from BL a month ago. I had never seen them used on a Bionicle creation, but they work fine on Matoran scale. Oracle is somehow more light-build and taller than my average, MNOG-esque matorans; the design can be seen in Avde (linked above). The also gave Oracle heaps of movement, and I even could add moving fingers in such a small space. Tohunga feet add Matoran feel.



Crudelis Diabolus said...

The Oracle, artikkelilla, sanoisin.
A fine MOC, as always.

Unknown said...

When do you think the rest of the hobbit figures will be out?

Eero said...

I think I'm able to finish Fili in August, but Ori, Bilbo and Gandalf might take a bit longer.

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