Middle-Earth figbarf

 It's time for another Middle-Earth figbarf! This time the figures are from Return of the King, though few of them also appear on the book four (second part of The Two Towers).

Denethor, the last ruling steward of Gondor. I originally planned to use the graduate gown as a part of the wardrobe of Minas Tirith guard, but because they were impossible to get from LUGBULK and too pricey on Bricklink, I chose to use it on more special fig instead. I think it works quite well on Denethor and also hides his chest armour. The head is from Series 7 Sea King minifig.
Easterlink footsoldier. I have made an easterling before, but it was said to be too primitive looking, so I made a more civilized one this time. The collectible minifigs dwarf's head was evil-looking enough and the torso's head belt buckle matched with the helmet.  The shield is a hat from Orient Expedition Chinese warriors.

Faramir on his ranger outfit. I wanted to use the tattered cape and the longbow. Johnny Thunder's head works as a generic hero head, and I somehow can't imagine Faramir without mustache... different brown shades alongside with dark green arms make a camouflage pattern.
Gorbag, an orc officer of Minas Morgul. I wanted to use less black than in Mordor orcs, so I want for some PoP parts. The orc king head brings some variety to orc armies, but I have sadly only one. The weapon is very similar than the easterling's.

Shagrat, a commander of Mordor orcs who watch the Pass of Cirith Ungol. I made him to a company for Gorbag as those two planned to start their own business after the War of the ring. I'm very happy with this fig, the Kingdoms dragon knight torso is good for upper-class orcs and the UFO armour has great orc feeling on it.

A Haradrim herald. A quite simple fig that is based on the idea of using the gladiator torso on haradrim. Torch and trumpet are for herald stuff, but he can of course fight with couple of swords if it is needed. They are not good guys after all.

Hirgon, messenger of Gondor as described on Muster of Rohan chapter. He has the horseman's outfit and a fine chain mail. The thing on his hand is supposed to be the Red Arrow, a sign of Gondor's agony. It isn't very arrow-like, but it's the best I could do with purist parts and no painting.


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