MOC: Manfred

Do you remember Makutas, those nasty rulers of shadow and eternal darkness? Well, this one named Manfred (Or actually Makuta Nui, a great Makuta, but that's quite Cornish name anyways. Toa Ämköö gave him that nickname when they used to adventure together) isn't your everyday Makuta. Yes, he has couple of bat wings, great mask of shadow (stolen from alternative dimension) and ridiculous amount of random Rahkshi-powers, but he's actually a quite nice fellow (expect that he uses to throw poor Po-Matoran Bob out of a windows, but everybody hates that guy anyways). Manfred's totally nuts, sometimes an idiot when it comes to fighting, but still one of the strongest members of Bio-Klaani. He is also used several times as a surfboard.

This MOC was quite fun to build. I made the first version in about two hours during night-time, but decided to scrap the torso later and made a better one. The legs are my favourite parts and I built them first. I used the upper Rahkshi torsos on a similar way than in the original Makuta set released in 2003. I also used the kneecaps from Core Hunter I bought couple of weeks ago. The hips have double joints to make the MOC sturdier.Otherwise this is quite a simple build.

When it comes to other things, it's the last day of my summer holiday. That means that I will probably post more seldom than I did on the past two months. But don't fall into despair - My BL order will arrive in few days and the I can finish couple of WIPs.



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