Old MOC revamp: Matoro the Blacksnow

No relation with old good Matoro-late.

Another quite simple Klaanon Toa. Matoro the Blacksnow is a veteran member of Bio-Klaani and an addicted adventurer. He is famous for his healing stone and, more notably, six-launching harpoon hook gun that ALWAYS saves him from danger.

This MOC is another one of those based on old versions. Most things are same, but I changed the proportions of the arms and made a proper harpoon. It consist of one of those wonderful tri-axle connectors, Turaga tummy piece things, minifig visors and, for much a surprise, harpoons. I'm quite happy with how I was able to achieve a nice shape in such a small space.

The build is pretty much HF-Bionicle fusion. I changed the old 2.0 HF torso shell to never one from Core Hunter to give more mechanical look.  I also wanted to leave some parts rather simple, for example the sword, feet and the mask.

The photos aren't that good. White models are very hard to photograph, and black parts don't help at all...


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