MOC: Steampunk-Qwena

It's autumn and time to harvest the yield of summer's WIP projects. Steampunked version of my Bionicle-SYSTEM MOC Qwena finalized on last March. The original idea was to make different accessories of that MOC, and I love steampunk, so this idea was an obvious choice.  Steampunk sites such as The Noble Hare gave me some great inspiration.

Original waitress version included some bright colours like lime green and bright red, but I wanted to use darker shades this time to achieve the Victorian feeling. Dark red is a beautiful LEGO shade and I have quite lot of it (As you can see if you have been browsing this blog) and pearl gold is obvious steampunk colour and nice way to add some contrast with darker parts. I left some white on the limbs and upper torso to represent bare skin. I would have liked to make the boots brown but the requisite pieces didnät come in that colour, so I dropped it.

I wanted to change the hairstyle completely, so I changed the colour to matching dark red (which required some trades (Thanks, Finland Brick and U) and a Bricklink order (Thanks, MoreThanBricks). I wasn't able to get long tail parts, so I chosed to make a bunches using both Bionicle and SYSTEM parts. I gave her a top hat because I didn't have proper pieces to make a good-looking dark red vertex, but I'm glad I did because it looks quite steampunkish. The goggles were located on the forehead on first, but after postin a WIP shot on Flickr and getting some comments about women with mustache, I lifted them on the hat and added some steampunk gadgets. Thanks for pointing that out, guys, I wouldn't have noticed it myself, but after your comments it couldn't be unseen.

The arms are quite similar than in the original version. put a sort of ruffle on the shoulders and gave them a stronger ball sockets. I changed the bare white lower arms to long black gloves with some golden steampunk armoring. Both Bionicle and SYSTEM pieces are used there.

The boots have some minor differences to the original ones. I made them robuster and added a small armour plates. Lite heel shoes aren't so handy in the boiler rooms of the airships, after all.

I wanted to build some kind of skirt and ended up with asymmtrical design. The cloth piece used there is a sail from 7048 Troll Warship (the pattern of a bit troll head is on the lining). Now I'm very glad I got it set on my Christmas loot on 2008. The tube and the pocket-case thing form a golden belt.

I'm very happy how the corset came out. It's quite near to the desing of the old one with some button details. The uppermost buttons are connected using new-ish "Angled lightsaber hilt" bar pieces from Ninjago sets.

Another positive thing in this "makeover" that I can display this MOC as a new one on events, shows and such. That's always better than using old models!

More photos on Brickshelf when moderated.



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