MOC: Nenya

 My Bricklink order from German store MoreThanBricks (Excellent service and shop, recommended) arrived on Friday and made me able to complete some WIPs, but I wasn't able to post anything until now because of adventurous paddling trip on Kolovesi National park I did with my family. Well, I had a great time, but now I'm back in this blogging business.

Here's Nenya, a Toa of water of Bio-Klaani. The name comes from one of the elven rings in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, so I wanted to achieve some elven vibes on this MOC. You'll probably notice that on the pointy ears, long-handled blade and the hair-worm-things.

The torso was really painful to build. I wanted to use those glow-in-the-dark armor pieces form Takadox&co., but they are such a odd shaped, so I couldn't use basic Toa frames. The shapes are done with lots of freely-moving TECHNIC connectors, and it isn't very stable. It works now when the MOC is finished, but it was really irksome on the WIP stage.
I'm still pretty happy with this MOC. The hair balances the basic-shaped body, though I wonder if dome sort of ailerons or wings would look good on the back. At least she glows in the dark, so I probably can't put her on a display in the room where I sleep with the other Barnicle MOCs...



Unknown said...

i really really like this moc! and i have no idea why! it seems more original somehow... maybe that's just me, but cool moc though! :D

ruffles said...

I really love this! I was googling Hero Factory Mocs and was attracted to this fine piece of art...well done!

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