A couple of Suits

Summer is here which means a pleasing increase in LEGO time. Here's a couple of suits I threw together (was supposed to clean my room, but the classic thing happened).

On left one I tried to achieve somewhat Megaman-like leg design with those helmets. I'm not completely happy with it, as the angle is quite odd, but I still like the shape of the helmet part . The upper torso is rather basic stuff with the always-so-useful 1x1 SNOT brick with five studs.

The right one is basic Zeessi-style suit. It is somewhat based on my old Dieselpunk Suit's frame. The main idea was to use that windscreen dish as a shield.  As the Boba Fett helmet/jetpack (only Boba part I own) came in, I added some green to mach. I think the color scheme has quite a good forest camouflage pattern.



Unknown said...

Hi Pate-keetongu, my son Wil, who is 6 years old and loves Lego, found your blog. He's been trying to make the figure on the right in this post, but can't figure out how to join the arms on. Could you help please? Thanks!

Eero said...

Hi, Margie,

There's one of these: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4115/4807829269_1dbfe2b348_o.png inside the minifig helmet on the shoulder. A minifig hand is connected with its peg to the hole on minifig leg, and the hand part (clip) goes inside the piece I linked. I hope that helped.

Unknown said...

Hi Pate-keetongu,

I finished the suit on the right and it was very complicated! Thank you for your instructions!
(We couldn't get the image up, so I can't show you the photo)

from Wil.

(If you send us your email address, I can email you the photo we took of WIl's figure - margierahmann (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks for replying so quickly to our question! from Margie)

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