MOC: Dori

 Suddenly, a dwarf out of nowhere! I was about to post a WIP picture of this guy earlier today, but though damn, I'll finish him now and post the whole MOC.

Dori, an elder brother of Nori and Ori, portrayed by talented Kiwi actor Mark Hadlow, is a fuzzy guy who is very keen oh his style.

I built the head a few weeks ago when waiting a BL order which came two days ago. The ornamental beard and hair was fun to build with all those greebles. I tried many different jaw options but chose the design which uses that strange but very useful pin hole piece and couple of minifig arms. It's not the stablest one, but stays together on display, and is easily the best looking.

 I couldn't achieve the reddish-salmon-lavender color scheme f the apparel but went with the beautiful dark red bricks as LEGO did with their minifigure. I still managed to add some salmon on the camisole with three 4x4 plates I picked up from Chaos Pick-a-brick few years ago. There is also a twisted cord near the neck, but it's unfortunately mostly covered by the beard case.  On the torso, I'm especially happy with the shoulder area. I picked the shoulder pieces for this mere use and the 3x3x3 cones worked surprisingly well as a upper arms.

 Dori also has the most poseable arms of my dwarf crew so far. They have three 360 degree joints and three hinge joints, not counting the fingers. That allows surprisingly dynamic poses on a SYSTEM-build figure without any ball joints. 

Dori also has his weapon array of a strong shortsword and bolas, a South American native hunting weapon. Both hand on his belt, but I also built a hand-held equivalents (see the last photo). I'm glad of the natural feel that the freely hanging chains give to this MOC. I also quite like the scabbard of the sword. The broad design was easy to achieve with LEGO bricks.

With six finished dwarfs and Bombur-in-progress (Still waiting the LUGBULK order to get 1x2 olive green plates) I'm now on the middle of dwarf project. But I have already a strong plans on Bofur, and I believe you can wait for a couple of others during the summer. Smaug be prepared! Hopefully on the form that includes fr actioning the dragon into small pieces.



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