Steampunk airship crew

 Here's the last steampunk minifigure barf for this time, a crew straight from the world of airships.

  Gladys Barns, a proletarian from the boiler and fire box rooms. The depths of huge airships are her kingdoms, and she doesn't take custodial high-level bosses' wailing easy.
 Homblom Promethean Ongu, brother of the ginger-bearded smuggler cyclops, is a Governor of the Eastern parts of the Empire.  He uses an upmarket gold armour and a fez as the signs of his dominance when he travels around his realms.
 Grand Admiral Everard Hanks Dennison III von Matribrillian is one of the leading officers in the Queen's Air Navy. With praxis from thousands of battles, he can commande the airship forces with a razor-sharp exactness and rhino-like strength.
 Captain Wilfred Flan Kirkensbrand is a wealthy captain of his own ship SS Pickle. Kirkensbrand is a boy that never gets too old and is always curiously amused by most of the things he faces, despite he's on his early 80s.
Sophia Goodwyn Goldenplover is a scholar and explorer who travels around the world on various airships studying things from ornithology to geography and astronomy.


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