Steampunk adventurers

 It's always good time for steampunk! Here's some restless adventurers, stay tuned for more.

Cecily M. Holster, a suspended monorail pirate. Smart fellow with a sense of moral like a flaky plaster.  Has a lot of experience on the gondola pillaging ground and sure knows the rail network.
 Edwin Pillingshot McBlaine is a smuggler and an old goon. With his home-build stolen armour and elegant friendly mutton chops he's ready to face any danger from airship-attacking kraken to feisty Armada of the Kingdom's army.
 Pantelomeus T. Ongu is a cyclops from Northern Highlands and old smuggling partner of McBlaine. Ongu has probably ever more handsome muttonchops than his human friend, and he's used to facing the dangers topless and with only a leather overalls. But then again cyclops skin is far thicker than human skin.
 Alinen Flora Boing is a young and skilled treasure hunter with hyper-modern Stingray Raygun capable of blasting rocks to rubble and crop to flour. She's flashy and snazzy and pizzazzy and pretty much everything with Z:s and energy.
Aikapoika, a time traveller from Victorian Era. The friendly muttonchopped  hero of the time is armed with the Chrono Cannon, weapon that was once just a mere gun but was inducted with the electromagnetic tachyon quark flows and turned into very unforeseeable rod. This time he only has a time-traveling monocle on his left eye instead of the normal goggles, but sometimes even a time travelers change their style.



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