MOC: Same

 Summer is a great season for MOCing. Here's a new guy from Bionicle frontier. Same, codenamed "The Naked Bat", is a Selakhian (Pridak's pre-mutation species) moderator of Bio-Klaani from Klaanon project.

 Same is a brother-in-arms with Bladis despite their very different battle styles. When Bladis, ironically, enjoys blasting his enemies in pieces from other side of the desert with a big gun with a beautiful long-teeth female on his side, Same wants to watch his enemy from eye to eye while slicing their "important bits" with his scythe or one of his many knives.

The main idea behind Same was to build a long, slender figure with a hue of bat or shark motif. The rib bone armor was a result of that, giving a spice of horror and shark-tooth elements to the character. I also like the pattern it gives against the pitch-black torso, while the other white parts are drawn far from the body to mask end the ends of the limbs.

The utility straps were the other thing. They are reference to Snake's accessories from Metal Gear series, as Same's character is somewhat based on him. There is the green moderator stone and six knives hanging from them, plus two tucked on the sides of his boots. I wanted to put the leg straps on different heights to make them look as a individual accessories and not parts of the armor. 


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