Steampunk Citizens

 The Age of Steam had also other folk than wild adventurers. These five persons are an example of the rich life of steampunk cities.

 Godalming Jarvis is an infamous goon and scroundel. He escaped his old fellow mafia-men from Italy, arrived on London with a stolen airship and became the personification of London's Steam Mafia. Jarvis has a whole set of nasty tools and apparatus to help him on the broad road of crime.
 Mr. Chruston "Babyface" Windmill, the Prime Minister of Steam Empire, is well known for his thick cigars and big belly. But in fact he's really talented politician and speaker. He has consulted a big regions to be part of the Empire and is currently making plans to solve the suspended monorail pirate issue. Some folk even rumor that his "belly" is actually a undercovered piece of communication apparatus so he is always in touch with his counsellors and the Queen.
 Mrs. Margaret Windmill is a beloved wife of the Prime Minister. His spectacular cooking talent is the reason behind his husband's body shape. Margaret is very keen of the hottest style and famous of her very big hair accessories. 
 Rudolph Adolph Harland Jr. is an inventor of the amazing picture-capturing device. With a turn of a lever and sudden bolt of light he can capture the moment on a paper. He's also one of the country's funniest men with his plushy frog friend he uses to amuse his customers while taking the photo. 
Victor G. Gononde, a private investigator and vigilante, has sworn to catch his arc enemy Godalming Jarvis. He has been on the streets for centuries, what can be seen on his gray hair (still on ponytail) and incredibly strong moustache. He's man who keeps his enemies far and friends ever further.


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