MOC: Ämkoo

Good evening/night/morning/day, dear readers, and good new year! Here's the first MOC on Cyclopic Bricks for 2015: Toa Ämkoo, a Klaanon MOC and about 3,5th take on this character. Ämkoo used to be one of the four leaders of Bio-Klaani, a sort of safe haven organization, but this nasty bastard turned out to be a traitor and a turncoat and joined the Alliance (Or, as some prefer to say, The Evil League Of Evil). Ämkoo is an agile and rigorous Toa from the south and master in sword fighting and martial arts; Turaga Bakmei was his mentor. Losing his right hand didn't stop him - He used some mysterious dramatic powers to create a shadow hand akin to those that Makuta use. 

The previous version of Ämkoo still used Miru Nuva as a mask, but this time I wanted to build the head from scratch to add more emotion, most importantly the circles under the eyes. The design is a bit similar to the newest version of Tawa, which I was very pleased of. But again the new head means a lot more to those who have read Klaanon and know these characters.

The only parts that remain untouched from the previous Ämkoo are the feet with toes and the sword, Aeon or Genesis, can't remember which one it was. The proportions are improved, joints now enable better posing, the arms are more solid, the neck is more natural and there is more green to balance the black. I'm especially pleased with those dinosaur arms on the chest, as they add some nice curves. Or probably he has green hair in his chest, I do not know.

The hand use minifig arms as the fingers here, as I do not have good finger pieces in green or red. But they do not look that bad, especially when in fist. HF or Glatorian fist are out of question, as they look ridiculous on most poses, especially on bigger figures like this.

At the end of this post there is a little surprise, created by Don Delucci, a gentleman who also made the banners for this blog. Available in hardware stores all around the world!



Samuel Willmot said...

Nice work! The inclusion of the 'box' is the icing on the cake.

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