MOC: Cyira the Paladin

 Sometimes you just feel you want to build a brave paladin woman in a shining suit of armor. I did, at least. Again there is no backstory behind this, just everyday fiddling with parts. Art, in other words.

There are plenty of things you've seen before, like the legs on the whole, but I hope the "big picture" is interesting. I like it, at least.

This began with the torso and the upper legs, and the came together rather nicely. As I said, there are plenty of old tricks. The new things include Matoro Mahri's armor pieces as hip plates, Guurahk's staff end (I got my first on new Kopaka, surprisingly) and Okoto add-ons as armor and sword scabbard. The dragon shoulder pads were the last addition on armor, and I think they create a very imposing profile; without them it looks quite boring. The sword was here from the start, while the shield was a last-minute addition.

The head was a challenge. There was several different versions and most of them didn't work at all. Early versions used dark red fur add-on pieces as hair, and I struggled to get some KK2 masks to it as a visor. Well, their connection points are awful, so it didn't fly. Then I went to slope-face-with Bohrok-shields-on-sides look. That was used on Floresta and Lady Liberty 3001. I made a similar headband than on Floresta with high spike on top. The mullet, or ponytail, or whatever, was a late addition, and I think it was very good. The wing parts are only partially connected, but stay together fine.

There are +30 photos. Some of them weren't good so I took plenty of to have at least few good. They were easy to edit on black backdrop so here they are.



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