MOC: The Librarian


*Here's another Discworld MOC, probably the most popular wizard in the series, The Librarian of Unseen University. He was turned into orang-utan by a magic incident, and is very happy with it, as he can grab book with his legs and wasily swing between the shelves, but you already knew that, right? The Librarian appear in a great number of Discworld books, including many that don't involve other wizards. He's a people person and takes part of many form of entertaiment, especially if they have pies thrown into actors. With his wide armspan, University's Man of the Forest is talented keyboard player and visiting musician in The Band With Rock In.

I began building him soon after I had completed The Dean. This needed to be done. The head took its form nicely last night, with the minifig arms beginning as the brow but later moved to be the lower jaw. I'm rather happy with it, yellow teeth and all. The handebar is a piece of many possibilities.

Everything else was built today. I was rather limited with the dark orange pieces (a lot of it is on Dain's and Gloin's beards, at least. Luckily I have bough 1x2 plates, 1x1 bricks and 1x2 bricks via LUGBULK earlier). On the dark grey sections, dishes became key pieces. I think they look very natural, and The Librarian is described looking a sack or pile of car tyres, so they seemed fitting.

I wanted Librarian to be poseable, and that was pretty easy to achieve, as he doesn't wear any clothes. The shorter legs use small ball joints, arms both sizes. This ape can grab things with both its fingers and toes, of course. They are black, as I didn't have enough finger pieces in dark bley and those bar-plates used on the legs don't come in it. They look alright though.

I also made a magical, chained book and a banana for the Librarian. The banana is sort of bananananaception, using minifig-scale (oversized) bananas as the peels. And a super special light yellow cone as the eatable bit.


PS. Please check the Orangutan Foundaton and their Sir Terry Pratchett's "Oook" Award.


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