MOC: The Dean of Unseen University

 This grossly fat wizard is The Dean of Unseen University from Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld (where I have spend rthaer lot of time lately) books. Actually, he's not the Dean anymore, having left UU to be the Archchancellor of University of Brazenecks in his native Pseudopolis. His other names, according to Mastrum Ridcully, are "Two-Chairs" and Henry. He's hungry for food and power and thinks he'd made a lot better Archchacellor than Ridcully. Dean is also very prone to external influences, often running after mysterious enemies with this staff shouting silly "Hut hut" and "Yo!" sounds. During the onslaught of Music With Rocks In he made a leather jacket with "BORN TO RUNE" written on the back, and it's naturally included here. He's not allowed to join the Watch's Specials because he's too dangerous with his staff.

Why I built Dean? He's not among my favorite Discworld characters, but I generally like Wizard plots, and Dean's clothes had nice challenges: The odd, seremonial robes, huge belly and pointy shoes combined with the leather coat. I also though Mustrum Ridcully I built before needed something to... Well, shout at, probably. I think I should build The Librarian, too.

This is somewhat inspired by Paul Kidby's art, though I took plenty of liberties. I began with the SNOT letterning on the coat; It was quite a puzzle, especially with the TO on the middle. Ts are hard. Then I made the head, basic stuff, made plenty of bearded faces with the Hobbit project.  The torso was rather fun to build, the stomach came out nicely and the flapping robes added some detail. The odd width of the leather coat was problematic, but was solved with combination of offset and SNOT. The legs were fun (usually they are dull). The pompous trousers (combination of curved slopes and travis bricks) look nicely ridiculous with white stockings and the pointy shoes. They are also nice contrast to Ridcully's more practical boots and trousers. I also made the lgs rather thing and the boots small to emphasize Dean's bulk. The arms are basic, with ball joints on elbows. The staff (with, as Nanny Ogg would note, knob on the end) turned rather nice.



Samuel Willmot said...

Please do build the Librarian!

Eero said...

I'm already on my way! Probably today, probably tomorrow, probably on Sunday... but soon anyway!

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