MOC: The Holy Mother of the Church of Ath

Here's another wee little creation from May or something, The Holy Mother, the most important leader of Athism, the second-biggest religion among Matoran villagers all around the universe in Klaanon. She is a blind and ancient Ce-Matoran with strong psychic powers. She's descibed having Noble Kanohi Shelek, which naturally doesn't exist as a part. Shelek, the mask of silence, is only released as an evil vampire version. I thought that golden skull spider mask I bought from Bricks&Pieces had a similar general shape with a tall forehead, and some nice connection points to customize it a bit; It's described as an ancient prayer mask. I happy with the bird-esque addition to it. Large cormorants seem to have something to do with Athism.  

Otherwise this is rather basic build with Bionicle feet and otherwise SYSTEM construction. The color scheme balances itself nicely with golden clam shoulder pads to enhance authority and Bionicle minifig torso on the chest. The arms a bit of a compromise, but work rather nicely. Poseability is not much better than on average Tohunga, but should it be?



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