MOC: Sir Edward Hornblom, Major

 Yep, there's a bit more traditional character build, Major Sir Edward Hornblom. Edward changed his gender, class, position, career and pretty much everything else duing the building progress. I mean, I was building a steampunk gal at first, something similar to Alice Nautia, but that somehow didn't work. So I ended up with a very decent muttonchop moustache, neat tall bearskin hat, warm prussian blue greatcoat with brass buttons, classu monocle and sharp cutlass. A stout major, in other words. There are not super special techniques used, but I quite like what I ended up with. This is, sort of, a little snack between some bigger builds. And built around two or three months ago, but didn't manage to post until now.


Ps. I want gear like this, badly.


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