MOC: Palutena

 Aaaand after a couple minifig-scale creations, we're back at Bricks of Character business. This is Palutena from Kid Icarus game series which I've never played. They are pretty much only familiar from Super Smash Bros. series, specifically via Pit's silly quotes (Hajajajaa! You can't defeat me! Nice try! Blalablabla blaalalaa, victory is ours!). Palutena is on Smash 4's character roster, and I tried the game one day some time ago, and somehow Palutena's character design stuck at the back of brain; Nice combination of interesting shaping, various bric-a-brac pearl gold stuff and overall nice colors.

AFOL's curse is to think on everything how to build it on bricks, and that sort of happened, especially after I bough lot of curved slopes on LEGO store PaBs (baby bows and doubles). So I'd say that there are no personal passion behind this creation, compared to Nausicaä figures or Porco's plane or the Hobbit project, simply something to fiddle with. A bit similar than on Big Daddy (Never played Bioshock, tried that "Sony Smash" with too long name once) or Samus(es) (Mostly based on Smash Brothers experiences).

The head went through several WIP-stages. The old plastic minifig capes are used here as eyelashes; It was an old tablescrap, and made the construction of the head naturally very fiddly. Faces are generally hard, but this one came out rather nicely. It's very odd build-wise, held together mainly by bar connections and some SNOT. Trans-light blue halo and pearl gold crown thing add some detail.

The torso came out rather nicely, with some subtle shaping with basic shaping pieces, curved slopes and boat studs. The hair is connected to the back via 180 degree SNOT, the head can't naturally support its weigh. The pendant was challenging, with the limited gold supplies, but it came out well. The dress was a bit harder, but not too painful. The accessory belts with the golden bric-a-brac are done with basic LEGO cord with round bricks and headlights on it; a similar technique was used on Snowie's bag. They feature all sorts of gold pieces I had from Bionicle minifig torso to privy accessories and that rare Harry Potter magnet ball.

That's all about the torso. The limbs were painful. This wasn't an easy build, on the whole. But the limbs... Ye gods. Bad time with tan joints, I say. The shoulders look alright, but I can't say I'm that happy withe the elbows. Especially the right hand keeps falling off. But at least I managed to get all the armor pieces (yet pearl gold minifg wing pieces would have made them a bit better).

The legs are static (thank god). Palutena has a one sock (no idea why, probably she lost the other one in wash or it was eaten by small elephant-looking creature) with some crossing bands. They, as well as the low-heeled shoes, should be brown, but I didn't have any needed pieces in brown, so I made them black (good enough). The Rubber bands are used on the sock, and they look quite good to me. An interesting pattern, at least. The golden ring on the other leg was pain to get properly with the 2x2x3 cone, and it's far from perfect, but at least there's something golden on the ankle that doesn't ruin the shape.

I managed to find enough blue TECHNIC bits to get the staff, and if the shape of the curves are not completely accurate, I think the translucent zamor on the end of it saves a lot. Right? Please?

Next up, something a bit more traditional (and painless) with facial hair and a cool hat. Sooner or later.


From smashbros.com.


Unknown said...

This is so cool! Is there any chance I could please buy this as a Lego set from you? Such an amazing piece, you've captured my Goddess's beauty with accuracy! I love it very much.

Eero said...

Hi Nareg, and thank you! But unfortunately I've already taken this creature apart before moving.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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