MOC: Nazorak ice scientist 273

It's busy on the Klaanon series MOCing. This albino Nazorak (which comes actually from Nazi roaches, but that is un-canon) scientist known as 273 designs special ice and snow-terrain weapons and equipment to the Nazorak army. He uses his self-made sub-zero glove that has ability to freeze things.

I'm pretty happy with the lab jacket design. It hides the wings and smaller second arm of normal Nazorak soldiers. I also added the significant purple tie. The limbs (except for the glove) are extremely simple. At least I used the skies from Collectible minifigure series 2 as a shin armours.

I have two more Bionicle MOCs and one steampunk WIP thing coming, but I'm taking a trip to northern Finland on Sunday (paddling in Oulankajoki national park) and won't be active until next Friday. I'll probably write something in advance and set an automatic release date.



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