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Ah, it's summer! After spending my whole morning indoors (it's around 10 Celsius "warm" here and seems to rain all to time...) watching steampunk cosplay pictures for inspiration I built these purist steampunk figs.

First we have Corporal John Wesley McNeill Cassell with his specially manufactured grenade launcher backpack. Corporal must wear his insulator helmet or the weapons of his suit burn the sides of his head. Unarmored knees give extra agility in a war situation.

Professor Achibald Thornton Beechman is member of Northern Imperialist Discovery Council which Target was to find the northern land on Finn-land and add it to a part of the British Empire. The Council found the land in 1856, but the goal of the exploration wasn't fulfilled: They discovered that Finn-land was somewhat civilized and under the authority of Russia.

Betty Galvan Mallone is autodidact engineer & pilot in his mother's old light airship formerly called The Wallflower. Mallone improved the ship by changing the old Warhorse C-18 engines into newer SteamSurge-36 engines and painting the light green hull red. I really like the bride hairpiece from Minifigure Series 7. It works well on Victorian-era minifigs.

Doctor Sam Sinister has updated his uniform with stovepipe hat -mounted flamethrower and golden armours. He also carries Beedrill-stinger, a small-but-powerful rod. This fig was based on the hat-frying pan connection I discovered today. I'm not sure if it's new or used before.

Miss Elinor Sheenan Fleetwood is amateur bounty huntress who has to much money and free-time. As a daughter of rich and powerful family, she always has the best weapons and equipment. And if her adventures go into the wrong direction, she always has a gang of undercover bodyguards hired by her father around. Due to that she can safely adventure in  the underworld of London without necessary armour. She, however, doesn't know about the bodyguards herself; She just believes that all the delinquents yields to her and the complete strangers help her because of her attitude and looks. I like how the bride torsos Victorian corset look, and the hair is naturally full of Victorian upper class nonsense.

I might build some steampunk MOCs based on these figs on the future. The names are taken from Victorian & Steampunk name generator.



Crudelis Diabolus said...

Did you come up with the names (except Sam Sinister) yourself or are they from something?

Eero said...

They are from Victorian & Steampunk name generator as I mentioned in the post.

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