WIP: Humppa-Pub

I'm finally back home and have enough time to continue building the five WIPs I have under work. Here's some WIP material from the biggest of them, the modular Humppa-Pub project!

This WIP is the biggest Town-themed MOC I have done. It presents a German pub with dance floor and stage for live music. There will be, probably with no surprise, Finnish Humppa band Eläkeläiset bombing the town with humppa in the stage. And lot of drunken Germaniacs dancing in hulabaloobalaibish manner. The kleinbus from my earlier Humppa MOC will be parked behind the building.

The base will be built using Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's ModuVerse standard so I can use it in the Moducity collaboration projects on the following events and shows of Palikkatakomo in Finland.

I can finish the project after the annual LUGBULK loot arrives, hopefully on the few following weeks. I will get some TECHNIC 6x8 frame bricks to build a stable base, 100 new brick-pattern-bricks in dark tan and last but not least a lot of bottles.



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