MOC: Toa Kapura

Take a Toa-mod! Here's one more MOC from Klaanon project, Toa Kapura (no relation with "official" Kapura from alaways-so-awesome MNOG and Greg F's fanfics), a strange and paranoid blacksmith.

This is, as I mentioned above, a pretty basic Toa-mod. I like how it came up, especially the torso (the weird HF-handle part works quite well with Kalmah foot, my favourite chest armour piece) and the lower legs. The legs were the hardest part to build. I originally used a pair of Inika legs, but they were too dull and, well, boring.

 So, I took my Raw-Jaw (best designed HF set in my option!) from a shelf and took a pair of dark-silver (not sure what it's called now) shells and ball joints with axle hole (I love those, everybody does, right) and built custom shins. TECHNIC cams in the ankles keeps the armours in their places.



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