Old MOC revamp: Guardian

There's another revamped old MOC from Klaanon series. This skakdi called with codename "Guardian" is former Dark Hunter and a veteran of the civil war of Zakaz. Nowadays he's one of the four leaders of Bio-Klaani. Guardian carries Watchman Plasma Rifle and has a mechanical telescopic prosthesis.

This MOC is built on older version back from 2010. The main downside on the old version was the poor movement: it had the cool rifle but couldn't be placed on any proper shooting poses. I solved the problem by making custom shoulders (the old one had Piraka torso hidden inside) with two point of articulation and leaving the elbows unarmored. I also completely remade the upper torso and the ankles. I also added claws to the hand to make it look more piraka-ish.

I would have liked to put the Bionicle chains a strap to the rifle as in the older version, but one particular viking stole it and turned it into a chain mail. But I'm getting some (150 links) darker chain in the near future, so that will be fixed then.



Tronie said...

Pitäkäämme heikäläisestä.

Unknown said...

how do you made this sniper i want see this is os cool :O

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