MOC: Toa Tawa

Hello again and regrets for inactivity. I was on summer trip in the northern Finland and came back yesterday. I'll leave for a week again on Sunday, but hopefully I can blog during that time on my grandfather's computer.

This action girl here is Toa Tawa, the leader and founder of Bio-Klaani organisation in Klaanon. I've made several versions of this character before. It's based on the figure in this magnificent animation. The color scheme is very hard to work with: There isn't much yellow and purple Bionicle parts. It took a lot more time than usually to built this MOC, but I'm pretty happy with the result.

The MOC combines SYSTEM, Bionicle and Hero Factory parts. I made the purple dress-thing using purple 2x3 wedge plates I bought from Chaos Pick-a-Brick few years ago. The upper legs are built with SYSTEM and HF parts, while about everything other is Bionicle. Using different building systems was the only way to tackle the color scheme.



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