Ninja bargain go!

Yesterday I was a lucky boy. I was coming back from the north and visited Finnish department store Kärkkäinen in Oulu. The store sells LEGO around 20% cheaper than other stores around here, and it's always wort of visiting when passing by. Luckily they had some sweet Ninjago bargains!

First I got two 2519 Skeleton bowlings on the price 5€ per packet. They had marked those with 10€ prize tags probably due to error (S@H prize is 35€) and had 50% off some time ago. My friend and Finnish LUG head TheQ had picked up a few and he handled two to me. Big hand. Second, they had awesome bargain of 2521 Lightning Dragon Battle for 15€. That limited edition set is sold on eBay for around 150-270$. I think i should have bought few more and sell them on BL in few years.

I bought the sets for parts. I've already planned using those medium blue dragon wing pieces on angel-like Bionicle-MOC. But it will take some time, because I have three WIPs in progress now and it'll take a week to get enough time to built properly. Luckily I have still two months of vacation left...



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