MOC: Rivendell at dawn

Combining LEGO with other art forms is not what you see very day, not counting the non-purist customs, which can of course be excellent if done by skilled people. The main idea behind this Middle-Earthean scene was to use a painting as a backdrop. Well, okay, the other idea was to create a scene to show my Galadriel design without yucky white backdrop.
 Some of you might think this scene is only from the Hobbit movie, but actually it is not in conflict with the books. There were a meeting of the White Council in Rivendell, though it was around a hundred years before Bilbo's trip. But yes, the setting are from the movie scene, including that watercolor backdrop (I actually use watercolour paper as a backdrop nearly always, but usually it's white!) with the mountains and the sunrise. There are also pics with different focuses on Brickshelf gallery, when modified.


Post Scriptum: By the way, I am now officially an AFOL as I turned 18 yesterday. Jippi-kay-jee or something!


Anonymous said...

I love all your Hobbit lego builds and especially your wip Bag End which is awesome. I'm not particularly good with lego but I have ordered the Unexpected Journey set because which Hobbit fan wouldn't want their own Bag End! I just wanted to say that your blog is very inspiring.

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