WIP: Bag End: Furniture

A little bit of an update with traditional WIP photo quality. Bag End Project is progressing well, and there's some bits of furniture of the hobbit hole. I took inspiration from the movie's beautiful set designs. The shelf on the left is my favourite. I'll give it a darker background to give it cabinet-like look. The next one is quite a odd. Hobbits are not feisty folk, so it is not likely never used as a shield, but as a well-crafted handwork that hobbits give to others on their birthdays. The couch is based on the design I used on Minas Tirith Concert House more than a year ago but is "hobbit-ized" with more shallow base. The other shelf is quite basic one, nothing much to say about it. I also made a green and comfortable easy chair after taking this picture.



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