Revamp: Kongu Mahri

Do any of you remember Kongu, the old Gukko pilot who was suddenly turned into muscle maniac with shoulders wider than length of his body and way too much firepower? Well, I've taken that even more extravagant...
When I began building this guy, I didn't know it would be Kongu. He's never been my favourite Toa Mahri; I loved the mask, but the rest was pretty much boring, and I don't really like cordak blasters. I was just thinking of building a very different humanoid Bionicle-MOC after those streamlined female MOCs. I built a early version of those legs and then abandoned the project for few week. Then, on the last week, I picked up them, finished the lower legs and built a torso with those HF-built shoulders. I had the hulk-ish body I wanted to play with, but not any idea what to do with it.

The I remembered Kongu, and without better idea, began working on a revamp. I made the hands similar to ones of Ragnfast the Viking to make him hold a gun. I also added some a bit more extreme tubing on his "breathing apparatus". Story-wise they don't need breathing apparatuses, as they can breath underwater, so I thought they would contain some anabolic steroids to keep him "fit".

I also gave him cooler gun than those ugly one-piece blasters. I had had that barrel idea for some time, I'm very happy with it, and now I had a proper chance to put it on use. The gun isn't really a Gatling gun, but still powerful enough to keep those nasty Barraki on a distance.



Unknown said...

could you make a video showing how you made the gun.

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