WIP: Bag End III

(Yes, quite a boring title, but nothing special on this update really)

As you can see, this Hobbit-hole project has taken a few steps onwards. I bought Unexpected Gathering in Helsinki as I planned, and shortly after I had built it I took it (Partly) apart to add the necessary bits to my own version.

The main problem of the otherwise excellent set was the scale: It was not really meant to figs with small legs. For example, the windows next to the door were so high that poor Bilbo should have stood on his chest to see who's at the door. I've fixed this bug on my version, where Bilbo is able to look out from every window - and Gandalf can stand straight on a very few spots.



Unknown said...

es increíble lo que armas con los legos ami tan bien me me fascinan los legos pero el Big Daddy es mi favorito aparte de ser mi personaje favorito es increíble, lo estoy tratando de armar en LEGO Digital Designer pero no puedo gracias por compartir estos magníficos diseños

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