WIP: Bombur

Hallelujah it's raining WIPs.

Bombur, the big-boned-one, is my next dwarf to build on Hobbit dwarves project. As you can see, the basis of the torso consists of Lowell Sphere like studdy platework. I quite like the effect, as it achieves the rough look of Bombur's big trousers. The dark brown vest is there too. The shirt is currently yellow, but I will change the colour to correct olive green when my LUGBULK arrives with its 1x2 olive green plates.

The shoes are very similar to my Aulëthur Dwarven Hardsuit built an year ago, using those small catapult pieces to give the shoes a correct shape and a color. Bombur doesn't wear boots like the other dwarves, so this is quite a fresh difference.



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