WIP: Bombur: More fat (and beard)

Bombur keeps rolling. Mister Stud of the dwarves has now (nearly) completed torso and limbs (yellow needs to be changed olive green [I'm waiting you, LUGBULK] and upper torso need some more work, but that's it pretty much. And them there's the head (which I actually began building, it has very wide mustache, double chin and all) and probably some cooking props to make.

I'm currently very happy with this. Studded areas make nice round look as dwarves, especially Bombur's family, are not very polished folk. This MOC is likely my "studdiest" MOC ever.

I also like how the strangler beard came out; I hadn't thought that technique before. I first just orange slapped plates on the vest and stomach, but the angles looked way too bricky. I'm glad I tried this angled plate thing, as it achieves the round shape which is also Bombur's most distinguishable body feature.



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