WIP: Bag End IV

 Mr. Baggins got a roof today. This MOC is starting to finally look like a hill!

The roof was quite challenging. Its base is a ceiling build using 12x1 arches and plates stack underneath of them. The challenge was to make it work with the angled wall.  Because of that the angle of the hill get obtuser near the door and gives it a nice esker-like shape. There are some gaps near the chimney (with Light-up brick and mirror stickers from 5770 Lighthouse Island to give the fireplace some cozy light) but I made them smaller with some SNOT.

I also (nearly) finished the interior of the dining hall. It includes the table consisting of three parts and 13 chairs for the 13 dwarves (though I only have 4... So far!). I'm about to run out of 2x2 dark tan tiles now; I though I had enough, should have taken more on Berlin's LEGO store's PAB where they were cheap.

Next up is the living room. It will be hinged (you can see it on the photos) so the dining hall can be reached. I'll make it about as big as the dining room with another, bigger fireplace and furniture from my previous post. Stay tuned.



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When is Bag End V coming?

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