Birgey Raiseel, Muse of Dawn

 Here's Birgey Raiseel who's supporter of Speeder Bike rider Lalibela Upbeat. With this series of figures I wanted to take different apporoaches to clothing style definining the characters, while still keeping the bright and ambitious overtone. Birgey Raiseel is probably inspired by early 2000s pop and hip hop, or at least my mental image of these; honestly, I'm not very familiar of them, at all.

The whole composition aimed to simpliness. Herald of Carp Speeder featured wealth of fan accessories and Namen Springleaf had several brightly coloured, rich garments. Here the costumes consists only of tank top, bracers, trousers and a pair of sneakers, emphasizing easy-going streetwise more than elegance. The colours are devived from the main colours of Lalibela Upbeat and Dawn Resurgence speeder: Magenta to the hair and dark blue to the trousers, with splash of yellow on the socks and bracers and virant coral accents. Magenta hair is something I had wanted to do for a while, and inverted curved slopes helped a lot; it's fixed, almost sculpted mid-lenght hair, and I'm quite happy with the outcome. Magenta is one of Lego's best colours.

The trousers are further developed from Pekka's spandexes in Circle creation, with internal wish that black connector and SNOT pieces would hide within dark blue. Trumped trouser legs with 3x3x2 cones create silhouette very different from more usual skin-tight stockings or bare legs.  The sneakers are mirrored version of Lalibela's asymmetrical sneakers, hinting about closer connection between the characters (they're of same pairs of shoes). 

The tank top is made with chrome and metallic silver parts with vibrant coral accents. It doesn't refer to the source character, but felt very fitting for the character, and use of chrome silver grill tiles as palettes intrigued me. I arranged them with quite complicated SNOT structure; I like how tan 1x1 quarter round tiles on the back form the shoulder blades between the straps. There's a twisting joint between the upper torso and trousers that helps to make posing look more natural. The arms are very simple, while chrome glittered Clickits "plastic" stars on wrists deserve special mention. Birgey is also equipped with classic megaphone. It uses old 4x4x3 cone, as that piece has emptier innards than more modern 3x3x2 and 4x4x2 have more tubes inside, thus not looking so plausible as megaphone.



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