Lith Kalix


Lith Kalix is another character displayed with Spire of Tradition. She's not fan of particular speeder bike rider, just a local enjoying the event. The build was based on part usages and colours and there's no deeper intention here. I had got some medium nougat pieces along bow parts needed for New Century City Block III's SNOT corner, and was finally able to make a character with medium nougat skin colour. This required cheese slope variant as 1x2 45 degree double slope doesn't exist in medium nougat (nor, for example, dark tan). This pulls the neck joint further back, which can be a bugger, but not a huge problem.

Another piece I wanted to use was that printed 2x2x2 brick from Creator Modular skate house. With colourful graffiti pattern it looked very fitting for this setting. A dark red short top was uilt around it. Block shape is not easy in such body part, so it is angled with a joint and some tiles are stack inside (illegally) to form a knot of exeeding fabric. Short top is used because I wanted to emphasize the medium nougat, once I finally had enough to use, and 2x4x2 round panel forms the stomach. Both upper and lower torso were bulked up later on, as the scale turned out too small compared to the other figures of this series. The lower torso uses cool purple flame -printed 2x2 curved slopes from unknown source, as they fitting. The hip joint is slightly narrower than usual, and this subtle shaping is continued to the upper legs. Magenta, one of my favourite Lego colours, is used to make a strong contrast with black, and magenta cherries are used as the boot laces. Otherwise, the legs are of the usual type. 

The style of the legs continues to the gloves. There are no medium nougat finger parts, so gloves were the only option. Cherries are again used as laces. The shoulder and upper arm design was very different at first, and stayed that way for couple of months, bugging me badly all the time, until I changed it. It used medium nougat 1x2 plate with two clips, and the rest was very cluttered, fragile and hard to pose. Having joint of skin colour was too small benefit for the price, and more usual (and somewhat blocky) design with 1x1 tiles with clips and 1x2 bricks worked lot better. It was a black spot for me too long and I'm happy I changed it, despite this version isn't the most elegant neither.

The hair uses several purple shades. Hair is constantly exciting building subject, as in its flowing and polychrome nature it's as far as it gets from building blocks. Making multicoloured hair works best with transparent parts, but using several shades close to each other is viable too. However, here the different shades form their own "colour blocks" to keep the shapes coherent and noise low. Inverted curved slopes make lot of work again, as with Birgey Raiseel's magenta hair.

As an accessory, I gave Lith a skateboard, using same magenta colour but this time fading into white. It's quite simple SNOT structure with gradient and oddly constructed axle. It uses pins asymmetrically, which make the wheels bit wobbly and balancing very hard, but as seen on the pictures, possible nevertheless.



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