Takomo Magante, Sushi Chef


This is Takomo Magente, sushi chef from Spire of Tradition published yesterday. I experimented on using minifig hands as eyes on male character, here on the first time; the speeder bike race series features mostly female characters, with this stylised and streamlined face technique; as I already have noted, this comments on masculine atmosphere on some sports events in real life. Another reason is, to be honest, that I find making those female characters on their trendy apparel more interesting than corresponding male characters. My male characters tend to be more humorous and brusque, almost every time bearded, and somewhat short (two latter match here, too). Maybe they're all self-portraits

I began this one with the head. Most interesting bit is the hair, with its tall black man-bun. It uses tentacles leg pieces from Disney CMF Hades, which I traded from local LEGO seller Pii Poo's minifig swap point (maybe for one Series II surfing high school bully figure). It is topped with ring made of new macaroni tubes and a 3x3 dish. I like the overall rounded feel. Rubber band bobble is there just for the looks, and to bring bit colour around. Moustache uses black sausages ("Tapola") and beard one of those nice and versaitile rock pieces.

The costume is traditional simple kimono with some modern additions. White, bright light orange and dark green made a great combination, and among original ideas was usage of cut-out corner baby bows in dark green to make the 45 degree angle collar. It turned out to be more ch

allenging than excepted, and they don't quite meet the shoulder parts, but maybe it's close enough. Rest of the shaping is subtle, with flowers used as toggles. "LOVE" printed tiles from Beatles submarine bring the modern touch, along with blue and red element-themed sleeves, fitting the cyberpunk world. Bare legs and wooden Geta sandals, on other hand, refer back to tradition. With dark red colour scheme, picked due to having needed parts available, they turned out quite fancy. I'm particularly happy with the feet design. Lack of leg articulation, which is often only option with characters with long robes, makes the shaping easy. 



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