Notes on various topics

1. Huwbot on LEGO Ideas

With Brickset root admin Huw we decided to upload Huwbot on LEGO Ideas. This slightly updated version has more polished innards designed by Huw, who also took these new photos; the project is under my name though, as 90% of the original design stays same. He's already near 2 000, so all supports are appreciated.

2. Huwbot instructions on Rebrickable

A very kind Mystery Person made instructions of Huwbot to Rebrickable. They're of very high quality, so if you want to build your own, here's the chance.

3. Video interview of me by LEGO House team

We made this little video where I'm being interviewed about my Circle model in LEGO House by Stuart Harris. The dispay is naturally still on!

4. Article about my building space and storage solutions on Brickset

As part of Brickset's ongoing series, there's an in-depth report about my quite compact part storing system made in early June.

That's all for now - with this kind of articles I always end up thinking what I forgot to say.



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