Namen Springleaf, Disciple of Hurricane

 This is Namen Springleag, the third of speeder bike fans displayed with the Spire of Zeal. Namen was built in around February or March, supposedly before the pandemic came to Finland. She's fan of Aurora Sievert and Hurricane III. Colours are based on yellowish green and dark blue of Aurora Sievert's hair, white of her top and red-yellow gradient of her trousers; though the gradient is less obvious here, appearing blended on the overskirt, hat and the buttons of the shirt. 

The starting point was the overskirt. I had acquired two spares of Malum's chest armour (actually I have three, but the first is in Dragon Dance which is in Joensuu). I've made an overskirt (probably not a real word but you know what I mean) using this mold before, on Lingeán the spring gel in 2015, but not in this fiery colour. It somehow had a fruit-like feel, like nectarine which is a type of peach. Clan white above it made a nice contrast, though printed "bacon" (actually Jack Sparrow Brickhead's cloth) tiles were later added as they matched thw flow of the dark blue sash above. I wanted at least one of these characters to have asymmetrical single-strap garment and here it was done with dinosaur tail pieces.

As it's hard to fit anything more than the actual legs under those Bionicle armour parts, I used cloth skirt piece from Chirrut Îmwe CCBS figure; I bought the piece from Pii Poo before Christmas 2018 so I've had it around for couple of years. It's not that innovative, but everything doesn't have to be. It made designing the legs bit more relaxed, but the shins are proper and they're visible on some shots of Spire of Zeal if you want to check. Compared to my usual shins they're built studs downwards with 1x2x3 slope as the main element; a version with hole in the stud enabled attaching ball joint with bar as the connection point. The red shoes are relatively sensible.

Aurora Sievert has dark blue and bright yellowish green hair, and I wanted to use colours near by, so the hair is bright yellowish green. It is a nice colour and made a beautiful contrast with the reddish brown skin. I've used in before, in The Blue Angel of Hallow. Namen's hair is shorter, leaving the right ear and its earring (gold-printed microphone) visible. This asymmetrical hairdo felt modern and fitted well with big wide-brimmed hat. Hats are nice. The colour scheme of hat and hair is continued to the handbag that features secretly Finnish scene of trees in autumn colours and aurora borealis behind them - I'm very happy with this one.



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