Spire of Fancy

 The second spire furnishing speeder bike race is Spire of Fancy. Its structure was the first I made, as I had got plenty of medium blue 2x2 slopes from LUG support thing handed out to members in events several years ago. Medium blue roofs are not common, so they ended up in this vertical structure - and not bad as it's nice and somewhat unusual colour.

The attachmens follow the themes seen on Spire of Zeal. There are two remaining rider portraits. Kiirus Ögonblick's portait has zamor spheres and boat studs presenting printed ball joints of the original character. Printed 1x1 round tiles are again used on eyes, while the hair is usual curved slope and wedge plate construction. Lalibela Upbeat's portrait was more challenging due to limited array of dark brown plate and wedge plates available. The hair uses same icy flame piece than the original character. Printed 1x1 round tiles are again used as eyes. I'm not 100% convinced with the tan background of the portrait, but I had used up most of my 16x16 plates in nice colours and it was definitely better than the original bright green version.

On the left side I made a cryptic cyberpunk news channel screen. It features sort of information saint bust telling news straight from the network. It is accompanied with text in futuristing lettering consisting of vibrant coral 1x1 quarter tiles and a happy star character to entertain younger audiences. I'm verry happy with its colour combinations, and it's nice to have chance to use pieces like trans-bright green honeycomb shield halves from Hero Factory's Breakout and magenta 8x8 round tile. 

On the right side there's rounded octagonal thing resembling traffic lights. It was going to be traffic lights for another piece of infrastructure that was chancelled. It might still be, why not - maybe something to signal start of the race. It is again based on piece uses. I try to use Atlantic key rings as often as possible, and I've had some trans-medium-blue filigree vine pieces around without much use, so they're utilised here. It's bit of a filler that was attached when I ended up making three spired instead of two. Next to it is small orient-themed attachment using printed glass panel from Ninjago; It's a hint about the third spire. Under these there is a dark pink trash can. The subject felt natural and I wanted to add some dark pink as it's a colour I don't use that much.

In the middle there is a promotional model of imporant guitar manufacturer. A musical instrument fitted the bright attitude of the setting, and it gave a logical context to stickered flag parts from Friend's pop star line. The body of the guitar is card suit spade, referring to iconic Motörhead song. The guitar is made with similar style to instruments in Circle creation and are therefore slightly too big for the characters. The frame holding it features metallic silver spotlight and is built using Aquazone octagonal pipe parts is black. Always glad to use those, too.   

The top of the spire is decidedly random. It is the epitome of imagination and fancy, featuring organic burst of Hero Factory cocoons with sky blue Belville column rising in midst of them. The belt under the cocoons is vehicle track with 1x2 tiles stuck into it, and the thing underside is clock that doesn't measure time while still upholding clock-tower tradition of shape. In all, it's an overgrown tablescrap of strange and wonderful parts and colours.

The pictures also feature supporters of the riders portrayed on the attachments. Herald of the Carp Speeder was built and published as a part of New Elementary Parts Festival last November. She lacked name but I'll call her... Giarn Dencee. Here we go. The other of the figures - fan of Lalibela Upbeat -  will be published tomorrow.



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