WIP: Nenya

It seems that I'll never been out of WIP projects. Here's another one, a bit smaller that for example the viking Ragnfast or Humppa-Pub, a Toa of water named Nenya (which is one of the elven rings of power in Lord of the Rings) from the Klaanon project. The character has somewhat elvish appearance, so I put a pair of 1x1 plate modified with teeth to represent "elven ears" to the head. I also added some old good tube hair-worms.

The thigh design is pretty much same than in some of my other female MOCs, but I'm quite satisfied with it. There are some placeholder pieces there, though. I quite like the lower torso design, too. The sternum idea is from TAN's Bionixy. The neck connection is just a placeholder to keep the head on position.



Raymond ling said...

Can you please link me to the page where all the other pictures of the TAN's bionixy are?

Pate-keetongu said...



The blog is long dead, but it's full of great work (though a bit challenging to navigate) and was very inspiring 2-3 years ago.

Raymond ling said...

thanks. i also really liked the finished version of nenya. nice work!

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