I'm seventeen! Yeah! Hah!

I turned 17 this morning.
Don't be afraid. Every one of us will get old some day... The sooner we start, the sooner it's over.
-An unnamed pensioner

Seventeen is not very special number. I mean, life of 16-year-old and 17-year-old are pretty much same. It will take a year to get a driver's licence and, in other hand, to became an actual AFOL. My last year as a TFOL has now begun. As I mentioned before, I'm getting a systems camera soon (Probably today, probably on Monday) and I hope this picture of the strange manifestation will be the last LEGO pic I take on my old camera.

But my birthday isn't the only one today. Bio-Klaani turns six today. It's a very special day: As some of you know, six is a very special number in Bionicle, and it's even more special in Klaani. We always see number six in everything; it's quite creepy, even.

There are some other great LEGO news, too. Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's LUGBULK order is coming soon, and when I have received my order (over three thousand pieces) I can finally continue my arduous Minas Tirith project. To make it better, the Minifigure Series 7 has been spotted around Finland, and I can hopefully get my hand into some hippies and viking ladies next week.



Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Have a good one and may it be filled with sixes. Six cakes would do.

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